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The use of the Vibro 2300 improves your horse's well-being. With vibration, the majority of body muscles are involved. It is also an excellent therapy that enhances joints, ligaments and tendons.


Vibro 2300 will help to;

-Increase bone mineral density for stronger bone

-Increase muscle mass and strength

-Relieve sore strained muscles

-Increase “explosive strength”, flexibility and range of motion

-Increase energy levels and decrease body toxins

-Improve circulation and oxygen uptake in tissue to speed up healing

-Alleviate pain and inflammation

-Improve lymphatic system functions

-Decrease cellulitis and lymphangitis

With touch panel control

Vibration floors have been observed to help with management of navicular disease and even laminitis. Some veterinary research shows they can also increase bone density and improve back muscle as well as improving hoof quality. This floor can make a noticeable difference with muscle and joint soreness and makes your horses looser and suppler.

It is very safe, and easy to integrate into any daily training routine. Like the treadmill, horses tend to like it very much.

Weight 210kg

Width 1025mm

Length 2310mm

Height 1490mm

Single Phase 230v less than 1kw per hour (15cent per hour to run)


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