This is a young thoroughbred racehorse in this video. Wexford

Official Suppliers of Gillmet Range to Ireland and The UK

This horse treadmill provides a consistent workout for the individual horse. 20 minutes on a treadmill is equal to roughly an hour in hand. One of the main benefits of this treadmill is the ability to incline the floor up to an impressive 20% grade. This allows for hill work to increase fitness or strengthen problem areas like the stifle. It’s great for cardiovascular and respiratory and helps with recovery. Horses tend to enjoy it very much and you can expect to add up to 40kg of muscle on a young horse within 5-6 weeks. Its very user friendly and horses get used to it quickly, in fact you will find that after the first week or two, if you wish you will be able to leave the horse tethered and continue about your work.

Saves on staff costs and no worries about weather.


The treadmill has a specially designed underlay with rubber shock absorbers to reduce impact on the horse's limbs. A touch screen control panel which allows to set up a training program for each individual horse on a training scale from 1 - 20. Powered exclusively by 2 electric motors and does not require hydraulic cylinders. It is very economical and runs on average for between €0.35cent and €0.45cent per hour.


All Electric Horse Treadmill

Availability: Ireland & UK


The horse treadmill provides a more consistent workout for the individual horses.

Equipped with:

Specially designed floor for shock Absorption and non slip belt,

Anti Panic System with Sensor,

Speed adjustment 0 - 8 to 10km/h (walk to power walk, far better results than trotting),

Touch screen controller - 20 plus training programs or manual operation,

Save Programs for 100 individual horses,

Steep angle adjustment up to 20%,

Horse movement control,

The ramps are now closable in front and in the back.

Available for 220v Single Phase supply or 3 phase.

Easy install.

Very little servicing.

Very robust build.

Exclusively supplied to IRE & UK by 360 Equine


Length- 4m (6.6m including Ramps)

Width- 1,46m

Height- 1,66

Weight- 1000 kg

Very little servicing

Single Phase 220V

or 32 Amp 3 Phase Supply


Allow 4 - 6  Weeks for delivery




New Galloping treadmill coming soon - up to 64km/h


Economical to run.

Generally between 35c - 45c per hour.

Transport now included in the price!


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