Sarcoïd - Balm 150gr

Sarcoïd, 100% organic balm for the treatment of warts and sarcoids on horses!

Availability: Ireland & UK


€75 no vat - Daily Treatment


Sarcoids can be compared to an iceberg: the visible part is only a weak reflection of the reality.

Sarcoids have very deep internal ramifications.

The Sarcoïd balm is an innovative formula, concentrated in powerful organic ingredients allowing the definitive disappearance of warts and sarcoids along with easier healing

NON-DOPING products

controlled by the LCH

Horse Racing Laboratory

Directions for use

Additional Advice

Galenic form and

preservation of the



Regulatory status

Directions for use

Using gloves, apply the Sarcoid balm every day until the wart or sarcoid is completely removed

When applied locally, gently massage the area to be treated for a short time

CAUTION: do not apply to the eyelids, the scabbard or near the mucous membranes

Additional Advice

For the most affected horses, combine Sarcoïd with Horse Immune and Immun Plus V and Detox Flash, 30 days

Galenic form and preservation of the product

Bottle of 150 gr

Semi-thick liquid product

Store at room temperature

Composition: 100% organic, zero chemical components

Extracts of fresh plants: celandine, thuja

Essential oils: Chinese cinnamon, organic lemon, carrot, wild Italian helichrysum, turpentine, savory

Essential vegetable oils: grape seed


Regulatory status

External care for horses


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