Precision Joint Solution Plus™

The most synergistic and cutting edge equine leg support supplement. (Absorbed at the cellular level)

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€62.99 per 30 day supply.


Precision Joint Solution Plus is an innovative supplement scientifically formulated to support and maintain the health of your equines joints and connective tissue.


Healthy Joints






Discomfort & Stiffness

Skin and Coat Health

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Observed results

Directions for use



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Regulatory status

Observed Results

90% of our customers begin seeing a difference in under 30 days! Week three seems to be the time that most of our customers report seeing and feeling a difference in the quality in their horses movement, attitude and recovery.

Directions for use

Add 1 sachet to feed in morning or evening and mix well in feed. (Although higher absorption level at evening feed)

Majority of horse eat it well with no problems for any finicky eaters add a little diced carrot to the feed or a light spray of water with a little Apple juice mixed in.

When sachet is opened use the full sachet as ingredients are fresh.

Store in a cool dry location & keep out of reach of Children.

Do not feed to any animal other than a horse and not for human consumption.

Recommended dosage

Horses : 1 Sachet per day

Ponies under 12.2 : 1 Sachet every second day

Yearlings on veterinary advice

For quick start we recommend a double dose for the first 15 days.

Presentation of product.

Pre-measured dose sachets - 30 day supply




Composition: 100% natural components

Key ingredients contain; Collagen & Elastin proteins, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic acid,

Proteolytic Enzyme

Minerals: Magnesium Chelate, Calcium Chelate, Vitamin C, Manganese Chelate

All of the ingredients are of the highest quality and bio-available


Regulatory status

Supplementary dietary food for horses

Non-doping product.





Proteolytic Enzymes are key for supporting the inflammation process by speeding up the process, yet still allowing the healing cycle to occur. This affects inflammation where ever it may occur in the body whether it be the joints, hooves, muscle or gut.  Proteolytic Enzymes have been shown to help with the following:

  • Cleanse toxins and free radicals from soft tissue
  • Supporting the body’s immune function
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
  • Transports harmful waste products away from traumatized tissues
  • Breaks down plasma proteins and cellular debris at the site of the injury which facilitates their passage through the lymphatic system resulting in more rapid resolution of swelling.
  • With the rapid resolution of swelling comes the consequent relief of pain and discomfort in bones, joints, tissues and muscles.


Our proprietary source contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid as well as Collagen, Elastin proteins, Transforming Factor B, and some amino acids to help naturally support not only the joint matrix but all tissue throughout the body. These ingredients have been proven to help develop, strengthen and sustain the following;

Joints - Cartilage - Tendons - Hooves - Muscles - Skin


With the synergistic combination of key ingredients added to a foundation of chelated minerals, Precision Joint Solution Plus has been known to fortify and sustain the structural health of your equine. Our blend of chelated minerals contains the following;

Calcium  - Phosphorus  - Magnesium  - Manganese

All batches of product are analysed for the presence o fcaffeine, theobromine, theophylline, morphine, codeine, oripavine, thebaine, noscapine, papaverine, atropine, hyoscine, hyoscyamine, bufotenine, methylbufotenine, dimethyltryptamine, sparteine, lupinine, ajmaline, cannabinol, cannabidiol, capsaicin, cathinone, cocaine, colchicine, digoxin, digitoxin, dihydrocapsaicin, ephedrine, harmaline, ibogaine, lobeline, nonivamide, pseudoephedrine, quinine, quinidine, reserpine, synephrine, tetrahydrocannabinol, valerenic acid, vincamine and yohimbine,

using a documented IEN standard operating procedure (IEN-SOP‐007.01).

Precision Joint Solution Plus testimonial from Seamus Hayes and Maria Costello Hayes of Equine Elite Ireland.

With over 30 Grand Prix wins to his credit, the dynamic and extremely successful Bob Brawley sits down to tell us why he believes Precision Joint Solution Plus is a must for horses of all ages across all disciplines.

Tango is a horse that had fractured his knee and the future did not look so good for him as a number of vets advised that he would have to be put to sleep. However after 5-6 months on Precision Joint Solution Plus, Tango made a significant recovery and this young owner could not have been happier with the outcome.

  • Click for full list of benefits (Read more)

    • Increase in mobility.

    • Promotes hoof quality and healthy joints.

    • Promotes health of tendons and ligaments.

    • Promotes strong bones.

    • Lustrous coats.

    • Increased level of key active ingredients.

    • Provides comfort for horses predisposed to stiffness.

    • Maximised overall comfort.

    • Replaces five supplements in one.

    • No need for additional hoof and coat supplements.

    • No need for additional tendon and ligament supplements.

    • Only supplement with this combination of ingredients on the market in the world today.

    • Only product in Ireland, the UK and EU that contains Natural Egg Membrane.

    • NOT ONLY Supports hoof growth BUT quality of hoof.

    • Helps reduce discomfort and Stiffness.

    • Pre-measured dose packets.

    • 30 day supply package makes dosing easy.

    • Most clients see results in less than three weeks.

    • 90% of client’s reorder.

    • All of the ingredients are of the highest quality and bio available.

    • All ingredients are knowingly safe from the FEI banned substance list.

    • Highly palatable formula, horses like the taste.

    • Individual packets eliminate cross contamination fears.

    • Packets keep Precision fresh and active ingredients alive.

    • Naturally reduces discomfort and stiffness without masking.

    • Alieviates discomfort and stifness without NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflamma-tory drugs).

    • Absorbed at the cellular level rather than excreted.


Simply feed one Precision Joint Solution Plus packet per day in your horses’ feed either am or pm.

Precision Joint Solution can be used with other vitamin supplements.

Keep out of sight and reach of children and store in a cool dry place in original packaging.

All of ingredients are on the “approved list” for FEI, NOPS, HYPR and NASC.

Precision Joint Solution was formulated and designed for equines only. It is not for other species or human consumption.

90% of our customers begin seeing a difference in under 30 days! Week three seems to be the time that most of our customers report seeing and feeling a difference in the quality in their horses movement, attitude and recovery.


We advice double dosing your horse for 1st 15 days and then single dose from then on. (Equines over 13.2 hands - under 13.2 single daily dose)

It's Safe

Precision Joint Solution Plus knowingly contains no ingredients that could lead to a positive result during

anti -doping tests, meaning it can be used with racing and show horses.

Precision Joint Solution Plus has minimized possible risk of contamination by implementing a stringent testing policy and procedure.


Note: This is not a veterinary medicine which is subject to authorization by the Health Products Regulatory Authority




NEM is rich in beneficial Bio-available collagen and elastin proteins along with chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and HA in the form of Natural Egg Membrane. Our proprietary source of NEM is the only water soluble form in the world.

These powerful ingredients help support the stability and flexibility of synovial joint functions, as well as increasing skin, coat and hoof health.

The unique combination of so many joint health nutrients in one natural ingredient is a key factor in Precision Joint Solutions Plus fast results!

  • Proteolytic Ananas Comosus Enzymes (Read more)

    Proteolytic Ananas Comosus Enzymes

    Precision Joint Solution Plus includes a powerful proteolytic enzyme called Ananas Comosus . Not to be confused with digestive enzymes, proteolytic enzymes play an essential role in supporting the natural inflammation process and other functions of the immune system. In addition, proteolytic enzymes facilitate the breakdown of rogue proteins in the bloodstream and in the soft tissues of the body. Precision's blend of enzymes cleanse toxins and free radicals from soft tissue, along with supporting the body’s immune function as well. Precision as a whole also helps feed nutrients to the cells helping reproduce stronger healthier cells, tissue and bones.


    The natural effects of enzymes for animals are identified as:

    • Provides comfort for horses predisposed to stiffness

    • Curbing proinflammatory metabolites that exacerbate inflammation


Proper mineralization for strong, healthy joints, tissue and bones. Without proper nutrients, the equine loses the strength and integrity of its bones, tissues and joints. Not only is it important to supply these nutrients, but to make sure that they can be absorbed and utilized. That’s why Precision Joint Solution uses only the best chelated ingredients to insure maximum absorption.

  • Magnesium  (Read more)

    Magnesium affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It relaxes muscles by dilating the blood vessels and is key in the proper absorption of calcium. It also slows down the absorption of sugars in the digestive system.

    Magnesium has been known to help horses with the following issues:

    • Very tight, sore back not related to activity, fitness level or saddle fit

    • Difficulty relaxing

    • Cranky about being brushed or palpated especially over the back on either side of the spine

    • Cranky about being blanketed

    • History of tying up

    • Muscle tremors or all over trembling not related to outside temperature

    • Requires long periods of lunging before being able to focus on work

    • Does not tolerate work well, and works up, not down

    • Bucks shortly after workout begins, seems fine at first then bucks or balks

    • Would be described as ‘thin skinned’ or hypersensitive to touch

    • Chiropractic adjustments, massage and bodywork do not have lasting effects

    • Has difficulty getting round or picking his back up under saddle, moves hollow

    • Difficulty focusing on work, poor work ethic

    • Unable to be still, repetitive movement, weaving, pacing, head bobbing


  • Vitamin C (Read more)

    Vitamin C’s main purpose is to facilitate the synthesis of collagen, the primary component of connective tissue and bone. Additionally, Vitamin C works to prevent oxidation, or free-radicals destroying cells. As a super anti-oxidant, this clears free radicals from around the joints. Supplementation of Vitamin C can be difficult as it is not easily absorbed by horses.  Vitamin C is produced in the liver from glucose. If the vitamin C is ingested and not produced, it is broken down by gastrointestinal bacteria before reaching the bloodstream. Precision uses high quality Vitamin C that is bioavailable for horses to synthesise as needed.


  • Calcium and Phosphorus Amino Acid  (Read more)

    In addition to bone formation/strength, calcium is important for several vital metabolic functions in the body including:

    • Muscle contraction (“calcium pump”)

    • Skeletal muscle for locomotion

    • Heart muscle to pump blood efficiently

    • Smooth muscle, such as within the gastrointestinal tract for normal “gut motility” and digestion

    • Nerve conduction

    • Other specific metabolic reactions (blood clotting, normal cell membrane function, glandular secretion, temperature regulation, regulating activity of many enzymes, and cellular activity)

    The importance of calcium to the performance horse includes normal functioning of the metabolism, the conduction of impulses along the nerves to muscle, the contraction of leg and body muscles for exercise, the contraction of the heart muscle for pumping blood, the contraction of the diaphragm for breathing, the functioning of the GI muscle for digestion. Calcium also plays a vital role in maintaining strong and healthy bones, cartilage and joints for peak performance without injury/breakdown.


  • Manganese (Read more)

    Manganese (Mn) is a naturally occurring mineral element that is a required trace element in all living organisms. In horses, Manganese is necessary for correct bone formation because it is a part of chondroitin sulfate as well as correct formation of connective tissues. Manganese is important for absorption of calcium which is a building block for healthy bones. It is also required to activate a number of important enzymes, and is essential in the digestion.



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