Horma Regul™ - 600 ml

100% organic food supplement to regulate the heat, fertility and behavior of the mare.

Availability: Ireland & UK


€97.50 no vat - 30 Day treatment

SALE PRICE: €80.00


Horma'Regul is particularly recommended in the case of:


Helps maximise reproductive health in barren and maiden mares.

Balances hormones and endocrine function to regulate cycle.

Increases chance of early successful pregnancy.

Frequent urinating, bad character.


The harmonious functioning of the hormones provides a properly used energy and stable behavior Horma'Regul contains fresh plants and essential oils with hormone-like properties that promote and regulate the hormonal cycle of the mare

NON-DOPING products

controlled by the LCH

Horse Racing Laboratory

Observed results

Directions for use



Galenic form and

preservation of




Regulatory status

Observed Results

Harmonization of endocrine function

Ovarian desensitization

Improvement of the fertility in brood mares

Regularity of heat

Significant behavioral improvement

Directions for use

In prevention, at the end of winter

As a treatment for 30 days, once a day, preferably in the evening

Recommended dosage

Horse less than 300 kg: 10 ml per dose

Horse of more than 300 kg: 20 ml per dose

Gestating mare: on veterinary advice – our veterinarian can provide you with information (free service)

Foals up to 18 months: give half the dose

Galenic form and preservation of the product

Bottle of 600 ml

Gastro-resistant liquid product

Controlled non-doping product

To be stored at room temperature

Composition: 100% organic, zero chemical components

Fresh plant extracts: horse chestnut, lemon balm, hop

Dry plant extracts: maca

Essential oils: carrot, clove, niaouli, peppermint, clary sage

Minerals: copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, marine plasma, silicon

Regulatory status

Supplementary dietary food for horses

Non-doping product

ELISE ON SEP 02, 2016

These products are of exceptional quality. Used together following a protocol, they act very quickly.

My mare is getting better and as days go by; I find her sparkling with energy!


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