360Equine Affiliate Sales Program

Product - Precision Joint Solution Plus


360Equine is now offering an affiliate/partner program on sales of Precision Joint Solution Plus.


What does this mean?

You can earn an attractive commission from sales referred by you.

As an affiliate, you can have friends/clients etc. purchase Precision Joint Solution Plus from your own site, social media, and receive automated commission and track and manage your affiliate program from within your 360 account. You don’t carry stock, You don’t ship product, you don’t have do to anything other than get purchases initially routed through your site, FB, Twitter or Email shots. 360Equine do the rest.


How does it work?

First you open a free account with 360equine’s store and then you will click the link at the bottom of store page to “become and affiliate”, (if already a customer, you log in and just click on the link and continue).


You will be asked to enter two additional details and confirm. Website address and Tax Number. If no Web address enter your Facebook page address. You will then be approved by the site administrators.

Once approved you will have access to a choice of banner ads for use on your website, Social Media or email shots. You will assign a customised code to the link for the banner. This code will be unique to your affiliate account.

To do this Log in to your account  (you can also click on my account on top right of page) and click “Visit My Affiliate Page".


Once in your affiliate account you will see this page

In the advertising tools you will see the following

When you scroll down you can find the unique codes for a product link under advanced notes

Your Code will populate automatically. The "Click=138" in this instance is the account number for this demonstration. You will find your unique number here.


Copy this code in the url and replace the ABCXYZ with pjsp-01


Your direct product link from your affiliate page will look like this for Precision Joint Solution Plus


(remember the 138 in this url is the account number of the affiliate we are using for this demonstration…but your account number will be here automatically. Just make sure to change the product code and that’s it.)


If you can't find the product code the do the following:


Open the product page in that store and you will see the product code in the URL at top of your browser.

For Facebook and Twitter use the same direct product link



Tag your friends as well. Once your custom link is clicked and the product purchased the commission is assigned to your account.


How do the sales work?

Each time a visitor clicks on the banner or social media link it will bring them to that product store page and they proceed to purchase (the customised link will be used). Each time a purchase is made the agreed % of the sale will be allocated to your account.

Commission is not paid on canceled orders.

Commission % is based on the final sale price. Bulk orders with discounts applied from any offers on the system at time of purchase will also result in commission being a % of the final sale price after discounts etc


Repeat Order Possibilities

Every time that customer returns to the site to purchase the product the % commission will be awarded again to your affiliate account. (note this may not work on repeat orders direct from store if the customer has cleared out their cache or logged in from a different device…in this case you can ask the customer/friend on their next purchase to use your link again)

Precision Joint Solution Plus is also set up as a recurring monthly product with a separate product code “pjsp-02”

If you as an affiliate have a customer link to this product then they will be charged each month and sent the volume of units they entered in the initial order. You will also receive the commission monthly from this repeat order process.


What are Sub- Affiliates?

You can also have sub affiliates, users that also become affiliates through your referral sales channel. For each of their affiliate purchases you will receive an additional smaller % commission. The system automatically tracks this. The maximum 360 equine will offer is a two-tiered system for commission, you as the primary and then your sub-affiliates. Basically, when the customer has come from your link/store and made a purchase (they’ve also set up an account) they then just click on the affiliate link and they automatically become and affiliate themselves while still linked to you.



Level 1 - 10% (on repeat sales also)

Level 2 - Sub-Affiliate 2.5% (on repeat sales also)


The Chain

Customer A becomes an affiliate and gets a sale to B. A gets 10%

B also becomes an affiliate but through A’s custom link making B a sub-affiliate of A, and B gets a sale to C. B receives 10% and A receives 2.5%

C then becomes an affiliate through B’s custom link making C a sub-affiliate of B and gets a sale to D. C receives 10%, B receives 2.5%, and A receives 0%

And so on and on.


How and when do I get paid?

In your account your commissions will automatically accumulate and payment runs will be made by 360Equine either Monthly or Quarterly by Cheque or direct to your bank account. We are also working on you being able to apply your earnings against your own purchases.

Please note that the minimum payments made are €50. So, unless you have reached that amount or higher you will not receive a payment in that payment run. Your commission below the €50 minimum will remain in your account until you have exceeded the payment minimum, then you will receive a payment for what’s owed to you on the next payment run.


Sample Scenario

You bring 10 customers through your affiliate account and all purchase Precision Joint Solution plus you receive let’s say 10% commission. (€7.99)

Each time these customers purchases subsequently as they will need to set up an account on initial purchase, you still receive 10% commission. So, let’s say these 10 customers purchase six bags in a year you receive 10 x 6 x 7.99 (10%) = €479.40. Now let’s say all 10 customers become new affiliates (registered as sub-affiliates of your account) and they each get 10 customers purchasing 6 bags per year. The sub affiliate % let’s say is 2.5%, you then will also receive 10 x 6 x 10 x 1.99 (2.5%) = €1194

So, you have made €1673.40 from just 10 original customers. Now imagine if you got 100 customers.

You don’t carry stock, you don’t ship product, you don’t have do to anything other than get purchases initially routed through your site, FB, Twitter or Email shots…360Equine do the rest.

Please note that on bulk order purchases system discounts will apply and you will receive your % based on the discounted price. Also, no commission paid on canceled orders.


For any support please contact us here

If you are a current customer please supply your account number with your message.


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